New age architecture which is bound to take your breath away. Right from design to functionality, we make sure it is the best in terms of the service we provide. Well we don’t just provide fresh architectural solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, we make sure that it is functionally premium as well.


We guarantee to satiate your requirements making your space comfortable enough for all your employees, so much so that they would not even want to go back to their respective houses even after they’re done with work. Interiors are supposed to talk about the principles of a place and we are here to make sure that your interiors send out the appropriate message to the right folk.


If you’re looking for beyond white walls lit white fluorescent lights for your office spaces, look no further than us as we specialize in making your offices beyond aesthetically pleasing to supply the perfect amount of eye candy for one and all in your office. We believe the graphics that are used or put up in your office speak about the creativity and innovation that has or is bound to come out of your work place.

Mural paintings

We specialize in this architectural element of the given space in such way that they are harmoniously incorporated into the picture of your dream office. The flow of your interiors is here to tell a story and beyond that create an atmosphere of innovative thought process that is bound to get the best out of the folk that serve you to become a bigger, better and more efficient company.


We take pride in installing nothing but the extremely essential and rather useful equipment to accentuate the beauty of your space keeping the perfect amount of free space in mind. To leave the space uncluttered post acquiring all the necessary equipment is a thought that drives us to constantly monitor your official requirements and acquire only based on necessity.

Furniture design

It is essentially our forte to design perfectly useful furniture keeping aesthetics and comfort in mind. Right from the employee seating in the office to the lounge space they require for relaxing and letting out steam is designed and purchased the way every person would while buying it for their personal homes.


Any element of your furniture that needs fabrication of any kind is taken care of by us and we promise to outdo your expectations. We tend to advice in case of unnecessary space occupation or in case you’ve asked for a fabrication which is not functionally in tune with the rest.


We offer to work day in and day out to execute all your plans and finish the task that you’ve assigned to us within the time period you’ve assigned to us. We aspire to be the final name in delivering as promised on time and in fact we’d rather do it even before the scheduled time to your surprise and joy.


Once you’ve handed us a project, we take immense care of contracting out the menial jobs only to vendors that we trust can do their respective jobs on time and to perfect satisfaction. We see to it that accountability is a major requirement when it comes whoever we hand over a contracted job to.


Right from using only top notch brands for all our electrical fittings to using well qualified engineers to oversee the process, we ensure electrical fittings beyond par. Right from making sure every piece of equipment comes with adequate guarantees and we would gladly service and change the product in case of functional issues.


The bane of every maintenance department is usually the plumbing and we take immense pride in offering nothing but the best in terms of quality of fittings used to the services offered in case of errors or repeating faults with any of our fittings.


Just drop your communiqué details with your enquiry. We’ll revert back promptly.

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M/s Interia Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. HIG A 52, 4th Phase, APHB Colony, DLF Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500019